The Artist

Jennifer Huskey is a self-taught ceramic artist and designer living and creating in Savannah, GA.

The lush beauty of coastal Georgia with its unspoiled barrier islands, dense maritime forests and winding tidal marshlands is a constant inspiration. She refers to the landscape in tone and texture, using a variety of white and dark stoneware clays, as well as porcelain, to create natural, organic-inspired functional pottery and jewelry.

Jennifer uses a variety of ceramic arts techniques to create her wares, frequently altering the wheel-thrown form with a conspicuous touch of the hand. The tenets of the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi – imperfection, impermanent and incomplete – are a touchstone for each piece she creates.

Jennifer hopes her work brings a spark of joy to the owner in their everyday activities and helps to remind and reconnect them to their natural environment.

Her work is available locally at Terra Cotta, a Savannah, GA boutique, The Dowry , Coco Blanco Home, Elburne, Wild Water Collective, Community and additional retailers across the U.S. and online.

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